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Welcome to Deaf Sense where we inspire you with a sense of pride of Deaf people who believe they can succeed. Our products and services are uniquely delivered to you with a mind to inspire you to thrive in your life, and in turn inspire others to thrive in theirs.

Designed by Deaf, educators, parents and a historian, every product is visually appealing, eye-catching, and fun to read. Students, teachers, parents, and community members will be drawn and uplifted by Deaf Sense products displayed in classrooms, hallways, homes, community centers and offices. Each one stands as a constant reminder that others have succeeded and so can they.

Here at Deaf Sense, we believe everyone can and should succeed. We are educators and parents of Deaf children who desire that each deaf child have every opportunity to thrive. We know that it truly is ‘what is between the ears that counts,’ and when we use that mind to its full ability, nothing can stop us. Life is 20% what you do and 80% what you think about. It is time to teach valuable mental tools that can move and empower others to greatness.

Our training and mentoring services reach deaf youth and their families, as well as those who serve them in the community. Tailored to each audience’s needs, Deaf Sense provides training and tools to empower and inspire deaf youth to thrive. The time of dependence and weakness is past. The time for success in all areas of life for every deaf youth has arrived. We make a difference through collaborating with families and communities, inspiring youth to thrive as leaders of tomorrow.

We invite you to join us. Each purchase made will lift and inspire dozens of youth who are able to interact with the product. Each service given will inspire those involved to change their own lives and lift and inspire the youth they work with. Presentations and programs for youth will leave a lasting impression that will lead each one to greater success.

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