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2 Posters Combo


A great combo deal including Deaf American History Timeline and We Succeed Because We Can posters. Each poster is 24 X 36 size and are made of a heavy duty glossy material to maximize longevity. Order yours today!


This combo pack includes 2 posters: Deaf History timeline and We Succeed Because We Can.

The Deaf American History timeline poster consist 200 years of Deaf Culture and History in America, starting with Alice Cogswell as little girl and ended in 2010 with Deaf Nation largest world expo festival in Las Vegas. The poster includes important cultural eras in the journey of Deaf Americans throughout the 200 years in America. Take an ownership of your Deaf history, take one now.

We Succeed Because We Can is an unique poster of deaf and hard of hearing individuals that succeed in 48 different careers and/or accomplishments during the 21st century. Examples of such careers are a Chef, an Architect, a Designer, a Patrolman, an EMT, an Obstetrician, Restaurateurs, a Politician, a Space Scientist and so much more! Dont be shy, get yourself this poster to show off that Deaf can succeed today.



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