About Deaf Sense

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Deaf Sense is a Deaf family owned and operated business. We launched in April of 2012 and have inspired hundreds of educators, youths and parents.

Our Mission Statement

Deaf Sense inspires youth to thrive as leaders of tomorrow.

Deaf Sense builds leaders through collaborative programs, mentoring, and products that inspire youth to thrive. A thriving leader is a powerful contributor to the Deaf and ASL communities.

Our Clients

We work with educators, parents, and youth in the ASL community. Our clients are committed to support youth to thrive as leaders of tomorrow personally and professionally. The youth we serve are eager, ambitious, and motivated to learn the skills needed to thrive today and tomorrow.

Our Strategy

We believe that successful leadership is the natural result of strong inspirational programs and mentoring. Leaders are made, not born. We work with our clients in education and parenting on the processes of teaching, mentoring and connecting with the focus on inspiring the youth to thrive. Youth build a strong foundation to grow as leaders of tomorrow. The stronger the foundation in the leadership, the more freedom the leaders has to make differences to their community.

Our Expertise

Education for the Deaf, linguistics of ASL, teaching, leadership, youth development, mentoring, communication, keynote speaking, group training, and youth camps and programs.

Our Commitment

We commit to collaborate with those who have the ability to influence youth; inspiring the youth to thrive through our programs, teaching the principles of success and mentoring. Youth will have a lasting impression that will lead each one to greater success.

Meet the Smith family

James Smith, M.Ed Education of the Deaf.  James holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Utah State University in History/Watershed Science and Deaf Education.  He loves fishing, hunting, camping, being outdoors, geography, history and oceanography.  He is Deaf, a native ASL user, university ASL instructor for over eight years, secondary education social studies teacher and Career Technological Education (CTE) instructor in Construction.  He is committed and enthusiastic youth leader and faciliate difference in the lives of his students.

James Smith is an educator, camp director, and co-founder of Deaf Sense. He is certified Camp Director by American Camp Association with understanding the needs of youth today. He provides them resources to thrive and achieve their personal goals, increase confidence in themselves, and utilize their talents to be a leader of tomorrow. That skill set shows up in his daily interactions with youth, educators and parents/guardians.

Lynell Smith, M. Ed. Education of the Deaf. Lynell is a graduate of Utah State University in Elementary Education and Deaf Education. She is a fluent ASL user since the age of fourteen, when her sister became deaf. She has over ten years of experience in Deaf Education and loves to see students thrive. Energetic, enthusiastic and passionate, Lynell infects those around her to learn, grow, have fun and laugh. The outdoors, reading, dancing, running and playing games are some of her favorite things to do.

Lynell Smith is a certified Elite Mentor, teacher of the Deaf, and co-founder of Deaf Sense. She is also trained Camp Director by American Camp Association. She has completed over 150 hours of training in emotional and mental tools, communication, and success principles. She has mentored more than 20 individuals. She has presented to over 40 groups of vary ages in different subjects of interest. Over six years as teacher of the Deaf and help develop ECE curriculum at Ski-Hi for Parents-Infant-Program. Her personal mission is to empower the youth of today.

James & Lynell do more than run the company together. They are also raising 4 kids, three are Deaf. They spend their summers travel to visit family, visit Oregon beaches and always take care of rabbits, fish, frogs, snails, and shrimps. During school year, they cheer for their kids at sports games, concerts, and marching band. They reside in Oregon and love outdoor and gardening especially harvesting blackberries.

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