Ever Thought YOU were a Bad Mother? Think Again.

How long is your To do list today? Let’s see, I need to go to the store, call the Dr., start the laundry, do the dishes, etc. etc. The list goes on and on doesn’t it?

As Mothers, we have a full time job. Many of us work and have our full time job as mothers! And it seems if we don’t perform at top notch in any of these jobs, there must be something wrong with us.

Sometimes it’s really easy to see all the things we are not doing. You look back on your list and realize you didn’t accomplish everything, or all the things we are doing that we think are just not right.

The kids complain; the house is messy .

It’s easy to look at another Mom and think they have it altogether.  You think, “I should be that way.” It’s easy to focus on the negative and start criticizing yourself.

We forget that we are not the only ones that feel this way.

Think again:

So, let me be a messenger of TRUTH for you today.

You are a beautiful, amazing mother. You are doing an wonderful job.  In your child(ren)’s eyes you are the most beautiful woman alive. You are everything to them.

Sometimes they may not think to say thank you. So let me be the one to tell them for you, “Thank you.” I am grateful for you. You are vital not just to your child, but to your family, to your community, to our society. We need you. Your child needs you.

And so I want to invite each of you mothers today to look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself: “You are amazing! You are beautiful! You are a wonderful, caring mother, and I love you!”

Today, maybe you don’t look at that list. Give your child a hug and sit down and do something fun. You are a mother! Celebrate! Cherish your role. No one is perfect.

We are all on this journey together. I hope you will tune in every month for our parenting tips and check out our blog for support in your journey. You see. I have felt just like you and I have learned it’s just not true. I’m not perfect, but I am important. I am amazing!

I love you! You are amazing!