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Not enough FUN!

Not enough FUN!

Do you ever get so BUSY and WORRIED that you FORGET to have FUN???

Yeah, I do.

As Moms and parents, we are focused on our little ones. Do they have what they need? Are they happy? Is there enough food in the fridge? Is it healthy enough? Is there enough $ in the bank? How is school going? Sports? Friends?

I was feeling grumpy and disappointed one week. It hadn’t been a particularly bad week, but was a week during a time when I was working hard and not seeing a lot of success from it. Being a “Momprenuer” that happens from time to time. The worry and fear seem to overtake the day to day joys of being a MOM and working from home.

I woke up one morning that week and said, “Today I need to have FUN!”

My daughter had tickets for the Carousel near where we live. What a great activity for a rainy day! Perfect. We got ready, ran some errands and headed over. I pulled up outside the Carousel to see a sign in big RED letters: “CLOSED.”

Ahhhh…. When I explained what was wrong, my daughter looked at me and signed, “I sad.”

“I’m sad too!” What to do? “Well,” I said, “Do you want to go for a walk?”

She nodded. Thank goodness I had the umbrella and the stroller! Ok! We got out and had a beautiful walk in the misty rain. I love Fall. There were leaves on the grass, a crisp breeze on the wind, and colors everywhere. The river ran alongside our quick 15 min stroll. My daughter took off, running up the outside amphitheater. We took pictures. We laughed. We got wet! The mist turned to rain and we ran back to our car, both girls curled up in the stroller.

WHY, I thought to myself, haven’t we done this more often? Hello! LIVE! 

My goal for this month: 


Do something FUN each day!

Be grateful each day just to be alive, living and learning and growing! 

Join me! Be Grateful and do something fun!

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