Lynell Smith

Instructional Strategies Summarized!

Well, the last week has set my world in a bit of a whirlwind. Getting used to doing home-school with my 8 year old and then finding out I may be gluten intolerant and need to completely change my diet. Health and Wellness is a big part of my life, and I try to eat whole grains and make a lot of food from scratch, but going Gluten Free hasn’t necessarily been a goal. Needless to say, blogging hasn’ ...[Read More]

Lego Fractions!

While on Facebook one day, we saw the idea of teaching fractions with Legos. Awesome! Here is our take on it! By the way, this is a fabulous way to do a math journal! He was way motivated to share his learning with someone! Thanks for watching! One Lego block equals one whole and has 8 dots. It can also be written as 8 or 4  .           & ...[Read More]

Starting Home School!

If you’ve followed my blog: Powerful Parents, you’ll know that I am a teacher of the deaf and am passionate about teaching deaf children. I am also the parent of 4 amazing, beautiful, smart children. One can hear (is hearing) and the other 3 are deaf. After a year and a half of struggling in school, I did it, I brought him home. Read about how that journey started here. Here’s wh ...[Read More]