Starting Home School!

If you’ve followed my blog: Powerful Parents, you’ll know that I am a teacher of the deaf and am passionate about teaching deaf children. I am also the parent of 4 amazing, beautiful, smart children. One can hear (is hearing) and the other 3 are deaf. After a year and a half of struggling in school, I did it, I brought him home. Read about how that journey started here. Here’s wh ...[Read More]

Not enough FUN!

Do you ever get so BUSY and WORRIED that you FORGET to have FUN??? Yeah, I do. As Moms and parents, we are focused on our little ones. Do they have what they need? Are they happy? Is there enough food in the fridge? Is it healthy enough? Is there enough $ in the bank? How is school going? Sports? Friends? I was feeling grumpy and disappointed one week. It hadn't been a particularly bad week, but w ...[Read More]

My Favorite 5 minutes!

What is your favorite time of the day? Is there something you do every day that just lights you up and makes you feel good inside? Now… let’s get one thing straight. The time I am thinking of IS my favorite time; however, it’s NOT always easy to do, I don’t always WANT to do it, and, well… sometimes it just doesn’t go as you planned. My favorite 5 minutes of every day are… the 5 minutes just ...[Read More]

The problem with ‘Good’

The problem with ‘Good’

“Good job!” “That picture looks good!” “Looking good sweetie!” “You are a good brother!” “You are a good boy!” Sounds ‘good,’ right? I thought so too… until the day when I told my son, “Remember – you are a good student! You are a good friend!” just before sending him off to school.  He looked at me without saying a word, but his eyes told me plenty: “Oh, sure. Don’t worry about the bullies I just ...[Read More]