Butterflies and Deaf individuals… what do they have in common?

Did you know… Although scientists have found ears on some Butterfly species, most butterflies rely primarily on vision and smell to communicate?

That’s right. I think that’s pretty cool!

Here’s why!

Butterfly Communication:



Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on flowers

Butterflies use their vision, the beautiful patterns on their wings and UV rays to send and receive messages. They have this cool deal worked out so that when they move a certain way it sends different visual signals to their butterfly friends! They say, “Hey! I want to date you!” Or “Stay away from my flower!” Everything they need to communicate about is right there in their vision.

It’s almost like you could call butterflies deaf!

A butterfly is similar to a Deaf individual: primarily relying on vision to communicate.

When a butterfly is born, it looks so different. We don’t recognize it for what it can be; it is only a caterpillar. Caterpillars are stuck on the ground, crawling around to find food, often staying in the same general location that it hatched in. Caterpillars aren’t necessarily pretty and we don’t really pay them any attention. We think, “how in the world can you be anything really beautiful?”

Through time the caterpillar grows and builds its cocoon. After a couple weeks the butterfly emerges, more beautiful than we imagined.

And yet… the butterfly doesn’t use every part of the environment around them. They, like deaf individuals rely on their sight, their vision, light and movement in order to communicate and live. Yet, they live the life they were meant to live.

You, your child, me, all of us are little caterpillars working to transform and become a beautiful butterfly.

You and your child, every person here on Earth, were made just the way we were meant to be.

When you fully transform, you will become the butterfly you were meant to be. . .and live the life you were meant to live.

Isn’t that awesome? YOU are amazing! You have something within you that is bursting, just so excited to take flight.

Somewhere along the journey we lose our way. We might lack support from our environment, or the belief that our butterfly wings will really come. We need that plant stem to be strong so we can build our cocoons.

Sometimes we need a mentor. A butterfly who has already been through what we are wanting to do. We need a leader, a coach.

Let me be that person.



Lynell Smith, Transformation Mentor

I am an action centered transformation mentor.

The focus in mentoring is on YOU, where YOU are in your life and where YOU want to go.

Parents gain support in becoming better parents so they can mentor their children.

Your load is lightened so you can transform into who you are meant to be.

I am now offering FREE 30 min Discovery sessions.

Take the step. It’s time to transform. Your dreams are waiting.


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