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learning is fun!

Camp Ollin, powered by Deaf Sense, is the first and only Science, Technology, liteRacy in American Sign Language & English, Engineering, Arts and Math STREAM camp for deaf, hard of hearing and ASL campers. Our STREAM program enriches campers through hands-on learning experiences with a passion for learning in each area of STREAM through language immersion in American Sign Language and outdoor educational programs.


JOIN US this summer at the Oregon coastal town of Newport!

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CAMP SESSION: July 13-20, 2019

Campers and staff join the Camp Ollin family because of the promise of connection, the opportunity to embrace their identity, and the leadership that they can develop. For many campers, time at camp is what they look forward to all year long. The fun and the friendships that will be built at Camp Ollin provide life-long childhood memories and adventures for campers.

Campers gain valuable life skills from their experiences at camp. This independence, perseverance, and confidence benefit them beyond camp in all areas of their lives. Through their participation in our structured program of various educational experiences and traditional camp activities, campers are encouraged to try new thingsbuild their skills, and take risks. The result will be improved confidence and an “all in” attitude!

Campers and staff receive awards and recognition commemorating their achievements at Camp Ollin. They also receive a Heart of Ollin pendant for achieving all six domains of our camp program: Science, Technology, liteRacy in English and American Sign Language, Engineering, Arts, and Math. We are the first and only STREAM camp for deaf, hard of hearing and ASL campers including CODA, hearing friends, relatives and hearing with a passion for ASL.

At Camp Ollin, Campers have a chance to enjoy a traditional outdoor camp here in Oregon, complete with rustic living, nightly campfires and getting “unplugged.” The break from cell phones, iPods, television, computers, and all electronics is one of the things that makes their time at camp so special. Campers will have a chance to bond with othersbuild their social skills, expand their horizon of knowledge and have fun just being a kid.

Camp Session: July 13-20, 2019

Ages 10 to 17 by August 1st.

Camp session: July 13-20, 2019 at Newport, Oregon

Camp Ollin is ideal for campers ages 10 to 17 years old at or before August 1st with experience in American Sign Language. Campers have the opportunity to enhance their language skills in American Sign Language during their stay through our daily program activities and interactions. Campers will have access to the Amazing Ocean package plus a package option to enhance camper’s S.T.R.E.A.M. experience at Camp Ollin.


Package options

The amazing Ocean package deal includes a daily dose of a beach, access to a disc golf course, guided hiking, Junior Ranger programs, and STREAM activities such as learning how to fly a stunt/sport kite.

Besides the daily activities, this package includes educational field trips to the surrounding area. First, the Hatfield Marine Science Center, an Oregon State University research center that is kid friendly. The teaching facility includes activities and information about aquatic wildlife, marine, estuary, and freshwater science with technology, engineering. and mathematics.

Second, a tour to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and Outstanding Natural Area to visit the tallest and second oldest active lighthouse in Oregon, explore their interpretive center, and discover aquatic wildlife at their tide pools.

Finally a trip to Newport’s historic bayfront, home of Oregon’s largest commercial fishing fleet. This scavenger hunt trip explores over 20 art murals on the bayfront. Campers also stop at the Pacific Maritime & Heritage Center to study some of their finest artwork and museum artifacts. All of these trips and activities plus more are included in this base package.

Sea Breeze Express package includes the Amazing Ocean package and a trip to cruise the Oregon coast on a famous ‘fat bicycle’.

Deep Sea Rush package includes the Amazing Ocean and Sea Breeze Express packages with a special trip to Beaver Creek for a guided kayak tour.

Pacific Wonder package includes all three packages, the Amazing Ocean, Sea Breeze Express and Deep Sea Rush package with the addition of two special trips. First is a visit to the Mariner Square in historic bayfront to tour three different attractions there: Oregon Undersea Gardens, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and the Wax Works.

The second special trip is a ship cruise to conduct a bottom trawl in the bay, crabbing, learning about the different types of fish and invertebrates that call the estuary home as campers identify and sort them. This cruise is endorsed by the Oregon Coast Aquarium and is operated by licensed, experienced captains and meets the latest United States Coast Guard standards.

Don’t forget to bring a friend with you to Camp Ollin!

Camp Directors

James Smith M.Ed Education of the Deaf. James holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Utah State University in History/Watershed Science and Deaf Education. He loves camping, being outdoors, geography, history and oceanography. He is Deaf, a native ASL user, ASL instructor for over six years, middle school and high school social studies teacher, and an enthusiastic youth leader. James has faced extensive challenges in his life and has learned much in overcoming those challenges. The lessons he learned have become the reason he chooses to make a difference in the lives of youth through camp programs. 

Lynell Smith M. Ed. Education of the Deaf. Lynell is a graduate of Utah State University in Elementary Education and Deaf Education. She is a fluent ASL user since the age of fourteen, when her sister became deaf. She has over ten years of experience in Deaf Education and loves to see students thrive. Energetic, enthusiastic and passionate, Lynell infects those around her to learn, grow, have fun and laugh. The outdoors, reading, dancing, running and playing games are some of her favorite things to do. 

James & Lynell are also trained Camp Directors through the American Camp Association. They have a commitment to the success of youth, and to maintaining the uniqueness that makes Camp Ollin like no other camp. James & Lynell spend their summers running ASL Day camp and Camp Ollin with their four children.


Camp Ollin attracts children from various walks of life. We invite campers who are Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing, including those who have relationships with deaf individuals in their life and those who have a passion for American Sign Language. Immersed in American Sign Language, all campers grow and learn, enriching their lives and others’. Campers who attend our program are given awards for pursuing the ‘Heart of Ollin,’ These are awarded at the Appreciation Campfire, which concludes the camp session.

The ‘Heart of Ollin’ comes from the ancient Aztec word: ‘Ollin’. Pronounced ‘All in,’ ‘Ollin’ is a powerful word that means to move and act now with all your heart. And an ‘Ollin heart’ means to be committed and full – to live “ALL IN.”

At Camp Ollin, campers are invited to find their purpose in life, to feel their heartbeat with passion and direction and take that with them wherever they go.

Our camp schedule is designed to ensure that each camper participates in all of the activities offered at the selected packages. The morning and afternoon programs are scheduled for campers to participate in learning American Sign Language in two groups, based on their level of competencies. Campers are able to participate in the package activities selected through the enrollment process. Campers are split into groups to attend the scheduled activity outlined in the Amazing Ocean package or other scheduled activities based on the selected package. Equipment needed for any activities is of the highest quality and is available in the correct size for each camper. The range of activities allows each child to build skills in the six domain areas of Ollin. Our counselors focus on teaching campers in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment.

Each tent sleeps 14 to 20 campers and has access to a bathroom, shower, and a campfire pit. We finish our evenings with marshmallows or popcorn around the fire where we laugh, play games and talk about the day.


Daily Schedule:

6:00 – Package activity planning
7:30-8:30 – Breakfast
8:30 – Tent clean-up, showers, packing for the day
9:00 – Assembly: announcements, American Sign Language lessons of the day
9:30-12:00 – Morning activities and/or field trip departures
12:00-1:00 – Lunch
1:15-2:00 – Rest Time
2:15-4:45 – Afternoon activities and/or field trip arrivals
5:00 – Dinner
6:15-7:45 – Beach or evening workshop
8:15 – Campfires
9:30 – Unpack, bathroom/showers, getting ready for bed
10:00 – Lights out

There are several activities offered at Camp Ollin. Campers most often participate in activities in small groups, often with the other campers in their tent or field trip group. These shared experiences create a framework for the group to bond, strengthen friendships, and create memories. For most days during the camp session, each tent group is scheduled for a variety of activities in the morning and afternoon. This ensures that campers will try most of the activities while at camp, even if they are a little unsure or nervous about a particular one. Campers are never forced to try an activity, but are required to attend and strongly encouraged to participate. The programs in which children are selected to participate are subject to change based on the directors’ discretion.


Examples of various activities offered during camp:

Field trips to attractions related to STREAM

Lessons in ASL

Skits and games


Day Hikes

Beach sports

Arts & Crafts

Team Building

Other options available in extra package options:


Bike riding

Field trips to attractions related to STREAM

The health and safety of campers and staff are Camp Ollin’s top priority. We provide counselor supervision, safety equipment, and training to help ensure campers have a safe experience at Camp Ollin. Our staff and program encourages campers to gain independence, learn new skills, and gain confidence while maintaining the structure and supervision necessary for their safety. Camp Ollin utilizes the resources and programs as outlined below to promote the health and safety of everyone in our camp community.

Qualified First Aid staff are always available to campers for basic first aid, disbursement of medications, and general care as needed. As per the American Camp Association Standards, all medications are stored in and dispersed through the Wellness Center. For illnesses and medical emergencies requiring additional assistance, appropriate EMS procedures are followed. The Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital is located approximately 6 minutes (3 miles) from camp, with the on-site walk-in urgent care available if needed for serious but not threatening emergency care. A health history and medication card is completed for each camper by the parents prior to camp attendance. All medications and health histories are confidential.

**Due to the rigor and rustic conditions of Camp Ollin, it is not recommended that campers with serious medical conditions that need more than basic first aid treatment come to camp. Campers who contract contagious illnesses will be sent home.

Camper Supervision

Our counselors are an integral part of providing excellent care to our campers. Two to three counselors are assigned to each tent of 10 campers. The counselors sleep in the tent with the campers and supervise the group throughout the day. All of our counselors attend an orientation prior to camper arrival to train in program areas, learn our emergency procedures, and understand health and safety precautions. Counselors remind and/or help campers with personal hygiene, including use of sunscreen, keeping hydrated, changing clothes daily, brushing teeth, and showering at least every other day. For bathroom visits during the night, campers awaken their counselor and are escorted to the bathroom. A staff to camper ratio of 1:1 where a staff is alone with a camper is prohibited by Camp Ollin policies and we train all our staff to follow this policy.

**Due to the rigor and rustic conditions of Camp Ollin, it is not recommended that campers that need more than a 1:10 supervisor to camper ratio come to camp.

Camp Ollin’s well-organized, structured program gives all campers the opportunity to participate in several STREAM, water, wilderness, and adventure activities. Safety equipment such as helmets, and lifejackets are required for some of our activities. Campers and staff are required to follow safety guidelines in order to participate at each activity. Our staff are trained in their specific program area, and they provide campers with careful instruction and supervision. All counselors are certified in CPR, and staff instructing waterfront activities are certified Lifeguards. Cellular phones are used throughout camp personnel, including the administrative staff, for emergency communication.

Camp support staff provide assistance to our camp community by checking campers’ hands before each meal, inspecting tents daily, and helping younger campers with personal hygiene.

Campers are required to shower at least every other day. Campers who desire to shower daily can do so during designated times (usually before breakfast, during rest hour, or immediately following evening activities). Younger campers are scheduled for specific shower times. Private showers with hot water are available at the camp. Laundry service is provided as needed during the camp session and is included in the camp tuition. Counselors and support staff are discrete when handling bathroom accidents in sleeping bags and clothing.

All visitors must check in with the camp administrative team upon entering camp. Staff is directed to stop visitors they do not recognize and escort them to the camp administrative personnel immediately. The camp site used by Camp Ollin is protected by a security guard who makes rounds throughout the night. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Camp Ollin.

Camp Olliners and staff enjoy three meals per day at vary locations overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Yaquina Bay, beach, and the beautiful Newport coast. We provide campers and staff with delicious, well-balanced meals and offer a variety of options at each meal. We believe great food is an important part of the camp experience.

Campers dine family-style while sitting with their tent group and counselors. Cook Assistant gives campers an opportunity to help with the set up and cleanup of their group’s dining area during meals. Counselors encourage good dining manners and monitor that campers are eating well-balanced meals. Camp support staff checks campers’ hands upon entering the dining area to help ensure the health of our camp community. We also celebrate birthdays!


Menu items are selected to provide nutritional meals that appeal to campers. A sample menu has been provided below. When feeding many people, we understand that it’s important to provide choices. Some special dietary needs and allergies can be accommodated with our regular daily meal offerings. Read here for more information about special dietary needs. Some of the daily options, in addition to our regular menu items, include:



At every breakfast we offer:



Hot Cereal

Fresh Fruit

Hot Chocolate

Cold Cereal




Hot food may not served every day, but a few examples are:


Scrambled Eggs with Bacon or Sausage

Breakfast Potatoes



Due to frequent field trips and being away from the camp site, lunch will be served cold daily. We offer:


Peanut Butter and Jelly

Pasta or Potato Salad

Deli Sandwich options


Fresh Fruit



At every dinner we offer:



Salad Bar

Fruit or Vegetable


Hot food serving varies each day but few examples are:

Teriyaki Chicken



Hot-dogs on a stick roasted on a campfire

Individual foil dinner including meat and veggies


Above options are subject to change.




Snacks are available throughout the day for campers requiring between-meal snacks. A healthy snack (apple, string cheese, carrots, raisins, or similar) is also available each evening at campfires as an alternative to traditional s’mores, popcorn and other treats.


Food Allergies


If your child has a food allergy and you have questions regarding our accommodations for that particular allergy, please call our camp office at (971) 301-2291. We inform our kitchen staff, nurses, and counselors of camper allergies. Due to the limitations of a rustic campground we may not be able to accommodate every dietary need.

This year Camp Ollin is located in the inspiring science hub of Newport, Oregon at the shore of the Pacific Ocean. Newport is a county seat in Lincoln County, 80 miles southwest of Salem. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to drive from Portland to our campsite.

Camp Ollin provides the ideal coastal town, wilderness, and water environment for participation in STEM, literacy, and art activities.

Parents are responsible for transportation to and from Camp. Campers can arrive at camp between 3:00-5:00 pm on the check-in day and picked up between 10:00 am – noon on the check-out day. Once registered you will receive directions to the camp site and other important information.

Any questions should be directed to our main office at 971-301-2291 or

Please review the following Camper Standards of Behavior and Appearance with your child and make sure that your camper knows to tell a Camp Ollin staff member if they feel their fun or enjoyment of camp is being jeopardized by any camper or staff member.

Camp Ollin Camper Standards

To maintain a wholesome, fun, child-focused environment free of social pressures and negative influences, Camp Ollin has developed the following behavior and appearance guidelines, which will be strictly enforced. Please review them with your child before submitting this form. If you are concerned that your child may not be able to meet our Camper Standards, please consult with a Camp Director immediately.

Dismissal from Camp: I understand that the camp reserves the right to dismiss a camper whose conduct is dangerous, illegal, or at the discretion of the camp director, detrimental to the camp and/or to other campers, otherwise unsatisfactory, or does not meet the following Camper Standards of Behavior and Appearance:

Camper Standards of Behavior and Appearance: Camp Ollin campers are expected to treat other campers and staff with respect at all times, and value each camper’s right to have a fun experience.

The following behaviors are not permitted at Camp Ollin and will result in camper being dismissed from camp without any tuition refund:

  1. Teasing, taunting, threatening or discriminating comments, or harassment or hazing of any kind.
  2. Violence of any kind.
  3. Use of foul language or discussion of inappropriate topics as determined by the Camp Directors.
  4. Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs. All prescription and over the counter medications must be stored in the Wellness Center and administered under the supervision of our camp Health Personnel.
  5. Sexual or intimate relationships.
  6. Unauthorized absence from cabin or activity.
  7. Abusive or disrespectful behavior towards any member of the camp community.
  8. Inappropriate appearance or attire (see below).
  9. Possession or use of personal electronic equipment (cell phones, electronic games, portable stereos, etc.).

Appearance and Attire: Campers should bring to camp clothing that is appropriate for an outdoor, active camp program. Use of make-up and/or wearing of expensive or trendy clothing are discouraged while at camp.

The following are not allowed at camp:

  1. Clothing with any logos or graphics depicting violence, bands who play violent music, drugs, alcohol, or inappropriate language or topics.
  2. Jewelry that includes collars, chains, and face or body piercings. Post earring (worn on ear lobes) are allowed.
  3. We require modest 1-piece swimsuits (tankini’s are acceptable) and clothing that is not revealing. Halter tops, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, very short shorts, or overly baggy clothes are not permitted.
  4. closed-toe shoes are required, except while going to the beach.

Note: We will strictly enforce our dress code. To avoid being required additional expenses accrue to parent/guardian, we ask that parents supervise packing and make sure that no inappropriate clothing items are brought to camp.

Discipline Policy:

If a camper is disrespectful towards, or disobeys, his/her counselor, then we follow these disciplinary procedures:

1. Counselor talks with camper and discusses what the unacceptable behavior is and what appropriate behaviors can be utilized instead.

2. If the behavior continues, then the counselor talks to his or her supervisor, parents are contacted, and the camper meets with one of the Camp Directors to sign a behavioral contract outlining his/her understanding of what behavior is expected and that the subsequent consequence will be to go home early from camp.

3. If behavior continues, parents are contacted and arrangements are made for the camper to go home.

We understand that the behavior of one camper can have a significant impact on the group, so we are committed to ensuring that our campers show respect for one another and for our staff. Fortunately, we get a great group of campers and only rarely need to utilize the most severe consequences.

Camp Ollin considers the positive example parents set for their campers and the cooperation of parents essential for it to carry out its mission. Parents are expected to support all policies, rules, and regulations, and cooperate with and act civilly toward members of the Camp Ollin community, including our staff and contracted vendors providing service to Camp Ollin both on site and off site. Unacceptable parent behavior may result in non-renewal or termination of Camper’s enrollment. Parent agrees that Camp Ollin’s decision for non-renewal or termination shall be final and at its sole discretion.

Tuition Payment

At the time of enrollment, there are two options. Payment of the entire tuition at the time of enrollment, or pay a deposit of $200, of which $50 is non-refundable and begin the installment payment arrangement with Camp Ollin. All payments will be handled through PayPal with an option to use your credit card.

If the ‘installment payments’ option is selected, A $200 tuition deposit, $50 of which is non-refundable is due at the time of registration. After the initial deposit, the options for payment of the tuition balance are in equal installments on the first day of each month starting in February. Deaf Sense will send a payment invoice on the 1st of each month. The invoice sent on June 1st must be paid in full by June 5th. If the invoice is not paid within 5 days, a late fee of $20 is added to your account. If enrollment occurs after one or more of the installment dates, the amount of the corresponding installment(s) will be due at the time of enrollment. All enrollment tuition amount is due on or before June 1st. Enrollments submitted after April 15 are not eligible for an installment payment plan.

**Some campers receive sponsors from family or businesses. These payments can be arranged through contact camp office at 971-301-2291.

Late Arrival/Early Departure from Camp
When enrolling your child in a session at camp, please make sure your child is able to stay for the entire session (start date through end date). Because it is disruptive to camp and the other campers in the group, late arrivals and early departures from camp are highly discouraged. If our session dates do not work for your family, please postpone your child’s stay at camp until he/she can attend a complete session. Unless there is a medical or family emergency that arises during the camp session, early departure from camp will follow the cancellation policy.


Cancellation Policy
If canceled in writing on or before May 1, the deposit is refundable, less a fee of $50 for each camper’s enrollment. No allowances, refunds, or rebates can or will be made for cancellations occurring after May 1.

A single exception is made for campers who suffer a physical illness or injury on or after May 1 and whose attending physician certifies in writing that the illness or injury will not allow the camper to safely participate in any offered camp session. In this event, we will refund the camper’s tuition, less a cancellation fee of $100.

Campers who arrive at camp late or leave early will receive pro-rated refunds only when it is the result of the camper’s physical injury or illness, certified by his or her physician. Homesickness or dismissal from camp is not grounds for a refund.

Payments for additional options such as transportation and package options will be fully refunded at the time of cancellation.


Important Dates

April 15 – Opportunity to participate in the Payment Installment Plan ends

May 1 – Last day for Cancellations with a Refund (minus the $50 fee)

June 1 – Final Tuition payment Due

June 15 – Medical Forms Due

Camp Ollin’s Refer-A-Friend program details…

Enroll for Camp Ollin will allow you to refer a friend. Make sure to enter the information requested in the enrollment form, and we will send your friend an email introduction to camp with link to our website.

If your friend ends up enrolling in camp, your camper will get $100 off and your friend will also receive $100 off their tuition fees.

Easy peasy!

Many organizations, family members, or businesses are willing to sponsor campers attending educational and character development camps such as Camp Ollin. Contact us for a sponsorship package to be emailed to you.

Some organizations support the learning of American Sign Language for deaf children and their families and camps for deaf children. They might be willing to help with providing tuition expenses.

Campers can also engage in simple fundraising activities of making and selling goods, working for pay, etc. To connect with other parents and possibly organize a more formal fundraiser email

Deaf Sense has also made it possible for you to make payments for tuition instead of having to pay all at once. See the “Tuition, Fees and Cancellation” information above.

How do you assign campers to tent groups?

As we make our tent assignments, our goal is to create groups with a mix of both novice and skilled American Sign Language campers. We also want to provide campers with the opportunity to meet new friends from different geographic areas and for the group to develop its own camp identity, separate from preexisting friendship groups. Many campers may attend camp on their own, and it would not be fair to place them in a tent with a large group of campers who know each other from home. As we make tent assignments, we look at the following information: Grade and age; School; Mutual requests (both campers have each other listed as the only request); Other requests. We make every effort to ensure that a significant number of campers in one tent group are not from the same school. This facilitates good relations among all members of a tent group. We ask that you as parents keep in mind that camp is a place to make new friends and be inclusive of other children. The camp is an opportunity for a fresh start socially, and we appreciate your support in making each tent group balanced and unique.


What am I getting for the cost of tuition?

Deaf Sense is committed to providing a quality educational camp program that will keep you and your camper happy! This is not accomplished without the needed funding. Camp Ollin is competitively priced compared to other language immersion, STEM-focused camps, and every penny is going to provide the great experience your camper’s experience.


What is the best age for children to start coming to Camp Ollin?

Camp Ollin offers a camp program for campers ranging in age from 10 to 17 (by August 1st). Ten years old probably is when you and/or your child are still unsure whether he or she is “ready” for camp, it still is probably a good age to start. For children needing to gain some independence, it seems to be easier to make the adjustment at a younger age than during the adolescent years. Even children who don’t enjoy sleepovers tend to do well in the structured, fun, supervised environment of camp. Some campers do start at camp at older ages (14 – 17), and they tend to adjust fine. However, they might be disappointed, that their number of years at camp is limited.


How much ASL does my child need to know?

Camp Ollin is a language immersion camp, meaning that all instruction and communication will be in American Sign Language. We will have staff that are able to interpret in difficult or emergency situations and to provide support where needed during the week. As long as your child has already been learning ASL for two years and is willing to jump into nonverbal communication with Deaf campers and adults, he or she is ready.


How many campers attend Camp Ollin?

We have limited space for 40 campers in camp, divided into tent groups of no more than 10 campers who are approximately the same age and grade.


What is the camper to counselor ratio?

Our camper to counselor ratio will range from 5:1 to 10:1. A minimum of two counselors live with and supervise each tent group of 8-10 campers. Female counselors supervise girls’ tent groups, and male counselors supervise boys’ tent groups.


Where do campers stay and what do they sleep in?






Our campers live in large tents with 3 doors for convenient exit/entry. The living area in the tent is approximate 25′ X 22′. Campers sleep on the floor. Campers bring their own sleeping bag, blanket, pillow, camping mat and comfort item from home. Our tents do not have electricity, so it is truly an outdoor, rustic living. Campers bring flashlights and/or battery-operated lanterns for light. Bathrooms are located near to the tent areas and have electricity and hot water. Counselors escort campers to the restroom during the night. Our counselors live in tents with our campers.


How are counselors selected?

Staff hiring and training is what makes a great camp, so we dedicated to providing excellence in both of these areas. All of our counselors will be at least 18 and have completed one year of college or work experience. We have a rigorous application process, which includes a written application, thorough two-part interview, written & telephone references, and a criminal background check. When we are the waterfront, our certified lifeguard staff will be present. We hold staff training prior to the start of our camp season where staff will learn how to operate all necessary equipment and run programs safely. All of our counselors are certified in C.P.R.


Are campers supervised at all times?

Yes. Campers are supervised throughout the day and during the night.


Do you provide transportation?

Due to varying transportation methods used by campers, it is wise to arrange your own transportation for your camper. We send at least two staff that can pick up and drop off your camper at the airport as needed. Transportation to and from the airport can be arranged with the camp office in advance. Please contact the camp office for more information.


What is the best way for first-time campers to travel to camp?

We recommend that first-year campers take either the provided transportation or fly to camp with a partner such as siblings or a friend. Good-byes are easier at the airport. This gives campers the opportunity to get the full camp experience. Upon arriving at the airport, campers welcomed by staff and are introduced to other campers their same age. This is when the camp experience begins! At the end of the session, many parents pick their children up from camp. Campers enjoy sharing their camp adventures with you while touring their tent and the rest of camp. Campers who fly would need to take the provided transportation back to the Portland. Staff will accompany the campers to the airport and provide assistance where needed until camper entered the secure checkout area. Staff would confirm with their parents at this point. The best part is you bring a friend, both get $100 discount toward tuition!

Should I pick up my child at the end of the session?

If you have the time, it is fun to see camp in person and get the “real” tour from your child. However, because of our remote location, the majority of campers do take the transportation or fly home at the end of camp. It is best if your camper knows how he/she is going home before he/she leaves for camp. Some parents change plans and decide not to come up to camp, which can be disappointing if the camper was planning on having them come up.


How can I view photos from camp?

Camp Ollin will take photos each day and they will be available for viewing on the Camp Ollin group page under the Deaf Sense Facebook page at the end of the camp session. The group is designed for campers’ parents and they have the ability to invite other family members to this group. An invitation to join email will be sent to the parent’s email listed on camper’s enrollment application. If you have technical issues accessing the group, email us at or call the office at 971-301-2291.


Should my camper pack in a trunk or a duffel?

While both are good, we recommend a soft-sided trunk or large duffel bag because they are easier to transport in cars (they take up less space and are less likely to damage your car interior during loading and unloading), and are easier to move around at camp. The less-expensive trunks bought at department stores are many times poorly made and will break if a camper steps up on it while at camp. Generally, campers use two pieces of luggage to travel to camp. Detailed equipment and packing list are sent can be found in the enrollment confirmation email.


Can I visit my child at camp?

One week is such a short time for campers to adjust and settle into camp, and visiting in the middle of the session would disrupt their camp experience. Parents who wish to visit camp usually arrange to pick their child up at the end of the session.


How often will my child see friends in other tent groups?

Your child may have the chance to meet up with friends or siblings from other tents for the beach time, afternoon or morning programs including field trips by signing up for the same package option. During rest hour and some evening campfires, campers have the opportunity to check in with friends from other tents. Meals are also a great time to check in and say hi to campers in other tent groups.


Do campers choose their daily activities?

Activities are scheduled by tent group for the morning and afternoon activity periods. This ensures that all campers have the opportunity to try every activity offered in the package they enrolled for. Also, we have found that campers will often not choose activities in which they have never participated or may be nervous trying for the first time. By participating as a tent group, campers are able to try new activities with the support of their group counselor and tent mates.


How do you prevent campers from getting sunburned?

Our counselors will make every effort to keep sunscreen on campers. Counselors will supervise the application and help with hard-to-reach places (backs & shoulders). Sunscreen dispensers are placed throughout camp for re-application, and counselors make it part of the daily routine. If you have special instructions regarding your child’s sun protection, please make a note for the counselor on the Camper Profile (one of the online enrollment forms you complete prior to camp).


Do you have many menu options for picky eaters?

At every meal, in addition to the main entrée served, campers have the following “other options”: Breakfast: cold cereal, fruit, yogurt, toast, and bagels; Lunch: peanut butter & jelly, deli meat, salad bar; Dinner: salad bar. For more detailed information, please visit the “Food” section on this webpage.


Can I switch packages after my child is enrolled?

Program package changes can be made as long as space is available in the desired package option. There are no fees for making package changes. Many package options fill quickly, and changes are not always possible.


What happens in a medical emergency at camp?

In case of an emergency at camp, our staff is trained in C.P.R. and camp emergency communication procedures. Our camp medical personnel is on call via cellular phone 24 hours per day. We also have walk-in urgent care for non-threatening injuries, 3 miles away from the camp, next to the hospital. We also have emergency procedures for trips away from camp and have access to emergency resources provided by the facilities we visit. We keep emergency supplies in a backpack at our camp Wellness Center so it is available for activities away from camp as well. If there is a life-threatening emergency, we have access to emergency service via ambulance to the hospital in Newport (which is approximately 3 miles from camp), where Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital is located. Of course, our most important priority is maintaining our campers’ and staff members’ safety, so we enforce safety rules throughout camp and during all activity programs.


What is your camp discipline policy?

As we state in all of our camp information, Camp Ollin has Camper Standards of Behavior and Appearance, and we are committed to upholding them. If a camper is disrespectful towards or disobeys, his/her counselor, then we follow these disciplinary procedures: 1. Counselor talks with the camper and discusses what the unacceptable behavior is and what appropriate behaviors can be utilized instead. 2. If the behavior continues, then the counselor talks to his or her supervisor, parents are contacted, and the camper meets with one of the Camp Directors to sign a behavioral contract outlining his/her understanding of what behavior is expected and that the subsequent consequence will be to go home early from camp. 3. If the behavior continues, parents are contacted and arrangements are made for the camper to go home. We understand that the behavior of one camper can have a significant impact on the group, so we are committed to ensuring that our campers show respect for one another and for our staff. Fortunately, we get a great group of campers and only rarely need to utilize the most severe consequences.


How often do boys and girls interact at camp?

Camp Ollin is co-educational. All campers attend assemblies and meals together, and boys and girls participate in camp activities together. Living areas are separated by gender, with boy’s tents and girl’s tents grouped together. Campers and counselors are not allowed around or inside tents of the opposite gender so that campers can always be assured of privacy. Siblings and friends who are different genders have the opportunity to visit each other during meals, beach time activity, morning and/or afternoon activities (make sure they are in same package option) and in the central area of camp at campfire time, but are not allowed in or around each other’s tents.


Is Camp Ollin affiliated with any religion or religious organization?

Camp Ollin is an independent camp powered by Deaf Sense, LLC and is not affiliated with any specific religion or religious organization. Our campers and staff come from different religious backgrounds and are taught to respect each other’s beliefs. Camp can be a time of spiritual growth, and campers and staff are permitted to bring religious materials to camp. There are no formal religious services for campers. We hold our campers and staff to a high standard of moral character.

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