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Meet Andrew Maxim, Deaf Nurse

Meet Andrew Maxim, Deaf Nurse

  • andrewmaximAndrew Maxim became deaf at age 2.
  • Andrew learned British Sign Language (BSL) at age 17.
  • In school he used BSL with his peers, but did not have a teacher or interpreter that used BSL. He says, “However, at school, sign language was not encouraged and in classes we had to use phonic aids and communicate with speech, we also had to rely on our own lip reading skills to understand what was being said.” (BBC, 2009)
  • Andrew Maxim graduated with a Diploma in Mental Health Nursing from the University of Salford, UK in 2009.
  • Andrew is one of 10 deaf nursing graduates in the UK.
  • He used an interpreter throughout college and it was a challenge, especially working in groups where the interpreter couldn’t catch all that was said.
  • In the workplace today, he uses an interpreter for staff meetings.
  • He works with many deaf clients, using BSL in his daily work.
  • His co-workers are learning BSL.

Source: The BBC Manchester, First deaf male nurse not ‘a pioneer’, 2009

“British man first deaf male nurse in UK,” Nursing Times, 2009

I’d like to feature this quote and his picture below somehow cool to really show off the post.

Mr Maxim said “To other people who are considering a university course – both deaf and hearing, I would say do it. It’s never too late for a career change and it’s been the best thing that has happened to me.”

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