Starting Our Experience Books!

After visiting with my Early Intervention (EI) Specialist, who had brought me handouts on starting an Experience Book with  my toddler, I vowed I would start the very next week.One week went by....then another..........and another.....Finally, I bought composition books and thought, "YES, We'll start next week."One week went by....then another..........and another.....I started saving brochures fr ...[Read More]

The Problem with ‘Good Job!’

The Problem with ‘Good Job!’

Are you using the phrase “Good job!” as your main way to praise your children and students? That is a problem. “Good job!” “That picture looks good!” “Looking good sweetie!” “You are a good brother!” “You are a good boy!” Sounds ‘good,’ right? I thought so too… until the day when I told my son, “Remember – you are a good student! You are a good friend!” just before sending him off to s ...[Read More]

Beware of the “Parent Trap!”

Beware of the “Parent Trap!”

We all fall into what I call, ‘The Parent Trap.’ It sounds like this: “Because I’m the Mom!”  “Do it because I said so!”  “Don’t argue; just do it!”  We’ve all been there, right? We’ve all been ones to say these phrases. Well, not just say them, shout them from the top of our lungs. Usually the argument prior to any of these phrases has been intense, Mom is at her wits end, and the aut ...[Read More]

My Happy Heart

This Post takes a little different direction than past posts, as I share my Happy Heart with you! I am a little overwhelmed as I attempt to share with you something that is near and dear to my heart, yet difficult to explain. Among natural healing is a modality called Energy Medicine, or Energy Work. About 7 months ago, my journey on the natural healing road led me to this modality in hopes of hel ...[Read More]

Do you REALLY believe your Deaf child/student can succeed?

Do you REALLY believe your Deaf child/student can succeed?

 Raising Deaf Children with Dreams, Success, and Confidence. It’s not easy. In fact, in our society today it can be downright difficult! However, the key, believe it or not, is YOUR belief in him. If you don’t believe your child can succeed, how can you instill that belief in him and help him actually do it? I was faced with this as a young parent. Although I knew that deaf people do s ...[Read More]

Decisions and Change!

Emotions surge through me. Questions fill my mind. Is this what I want for my baby? Is this what he wants?Does he understand what challenges he will face?Will the other kids be nice to him? Will he be getting a quality education? Will the interpreter be qualified?  For the last two months, my son had been at home with me. Field trips, nature observations, projects, sensory activities, sibling ...[Read More]

“Oh the Thinks You Can Think”

Yup… Dr. Seuss. Revered by all educators and parents everywhere, Dr. Seuss is a legend. Right? But… have you ever tried to sign a Dr. Seuss story in ASL? Now that’s a different story. I would balk at trying to translate any Dr. Seuss story into ASL. Attempting to translate the rhyme and the nonsense words was pointless to me. The books that tell actual stories: Horton Hears a Who ...[Read More]

Our Reading Nook

Have you had a hard time getting your children to read? We decided to arrange our corner into an area where our kids could get away and read. We packed library books into bins and put them next to the couch and purchased some fun chairs to add some excitement. It has also become sort of a 'cool down' space when someone is needing it. Reading has become 'cool' again! Closed reading nook  Here's wha ...[Read More]

Effective Instructional Strategies Explained… These are the Good Ones!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted the more ineffective strategies… NOW! For the good ones! Again, as I said in my first post, a BALANCE of the different approaches is needed! Here’s the link to the strategies to limit (more Ineffective Strategies) Whole Language approach: Also called, the “Top to bottom approach,” and is contrasted to a phonics or skills based approach t ...[Read More]

Language Experience Books… or Blog!

This is an example of a Language Experience Book. This beginning is more complicated as my son who is 8 was doing the ‘writing.’ Language Experience books can be just pictures, pictures with one or two words or one sentence for the little ones. You will see this later on in our post. The point is to DO an activity that engages your child, Take pictures, and then write about those pictu ...[Read More]