Turn your complaining into Gratitude and JOY today!

No complaining today: only gratitude.

For every stay at home Mom who finds herself complaining…
Sometimes I like to complain.


The house is a mess. The baby is sick.toys
The bills are piling too high.
I’m tired.
 Not ANOTHER stinky mess in your pants!
 The kids are grumpy when they get home from school.
 My husband is working too many hours.  
 yada yada yada.
But then, I talk to a friend whose life has not yet been blessed with children, even though she wants them with her whole heart.
And then, I pick up another friend’s kids from daycare because she’s a single mom and still working when daycare closes.
And then, I go home to my little ones. And I just hold them.
I’ve had 4 children. Through the grace of God, and through our own determination, I have been able to keep them in my home, with their parents for most of the day.
Recently we sat the kids down for family council. We asked them: What would you think if Mom went back to work? (something I had been quietly contemplating, but working on other options) The look on my boys faces was a pay day in my book. Even though every day of doing jobs and homework is a struggle, these boys want me. They want me here. They want me to be with their little sister. They recognize the need for Mom in the home.

Turn Complaining into Gratitude!

Whatever the sacrifice, whatever the struggle, it is so worth it!


I am the one who makes the house a mess with my kids: crafts, playing, cooking, exploring.
I am the one who can cradle and rock my baby to sleep without having to figure out another sick day.
I am the one who gets to pay my bills; and I am so grateful I can pay them.
The dishes are dirty because we have food to eat.
There is laundry to do because we have clothing to keep us warm and looking cute!

I am tired because of the amazing work I do each day taking care of my home and my family.

I am here to greet my husband when he comes home. We are partners in this miracle journey of raising a family. 

When you start to complain, look a bit farther. What is it that you are GRATEFUL for, underneath all that we get to do every day? Focus on the things that really matter.
Turn your complaining into Gratitude and JOY today!





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