Get started with YOUR Sensory Kits!

Get started with YOUR Sensory Kits!


Animal Kingdom Sensory World


Ok parents and educators!

 You’ve all seen the incredibly fun, cute sensory kits on Pinterest and blogs and thought,
 “That would be so fun to do for my kids (students)!”
  Then the busy day gets in the way and you don’t take the time to run to 3 different stores, or get online, to get all the different parts that make up the sensory kit.


Ocean Sensory Sand World

This is where I was!
  I saw the kits
I wanted my kids to benefit, but it was too overwhelming!

I was even given an amazing book:
150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids by Asia Citro, MEd, which got me wanting to do these sensory activities more!

My kids were going through the book, making lists of everything we needed to build the kits. The list sat there and sat there… until FINALLY… I made time and got what we needed.


Insect Sensory Sand World

I was amazed at how FUN and educational the kits were. I was also amazed to see how my 5 year old, 8 year old and even 10 year old enjoyed playing with them! The kits encouraged language use, social skills (sibling quarrels), science research and application, creative thinking and problem solving. 

Here’s what one expert had to say about sensory kits, and WHY YOUR kids need them!

“Since we know that young children rely on sensory input to learn about their environment, sensory play opportunities are an ideal time to focus on language stimulation in a meaningful context, which is crucial to early language learning.”


Ocean Sensory World

And “sensory experiences are like food for the brain…they provide valuable input that allows the brain to build new pathways that in turn support growth in crucial areas of development.”

   Speech and Language Pathologist at TWODALOO  and read more about WHY sensory play is REALLY NECESSARY here:
So what are you waiting for?

 You know sensory kits would benefit your child and/or your students! 

You have a theme you want to use a kit with, and you probably already have a bin at home or school you can use! 

And NOW…. You don’t even have to go around searching for all the different objects…

Frog Pond Water World

Deaf Sense Kids have sensory kits READY TO USE!

Just find a bin of the right size (all of the kits can fit in a medium to large size bin), open up your kit and put it all together. They are ready for your kids/students. The kits with water beads will need to have time and water to grow, but that’s also a fun project to do with the kids.

Just visit the Deaf Sense Storeto get yours today!

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