Lego Fractions!

While on Facebook one day, we saw the idea of teaching fractions with Legos. Awesome! Here is our take on it! By the way, this is a fabulous way to do a math journal! He was way motivated to share his learning with someone! Thanks for watching!

One Lego block equals one whole and has 8 dots. It can also be written as 8 or 4  . 
                                                                                                               8      4
A half block has 4 dots and can be written as 4 or 1.
                                                                8     2
All together it is 1 1.

1 whole when cut in half vertical is same horizontal because both have 4 dots, and equals 1/2 or  4/8.
A block with two dots equals 1/4 or 2/8.
Add both parts together: 4/8+ 2/8 = 6/8 so 2/4 +1/4  = 6/8 or 3/4.

You can count your fractions with Legos too:

the blue is 1/4, the green 2/4 or 1/2, the gray + red is 3/4  and the pink is 4/4 or 1 whole.

Thanks for watching me! I hope you have fun with fractions! Have a good day!

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