Mariposa Mentoring

Are you the parent of a Deaf child?

Are you hesitant to make decisions and act because you worry what other parents or family members might think?

Are you so overwhelmed with being a parent that you aren’t connecting to your child?

The Early Interventionist comes and gives you great language and communication tools to use with your baby. You are excited. Then life kicks in and the two weeks have gone by. She’s at the door again and you haven’t tried the tools she gave you!

You feel guilty because deep down inside you just wish your child wasn’t deaf. You say it’s cool and everything is ok; but really, it’s not. You wonder how you will be the parent your child needs. You wonder if he will be able to succeed.

You really are trying to learn how to communicate with your child, but the signs get all jumbled up. Why won’t my child respond to me? I just don’t feel like we are not connecting.

I remember those feelings. Even having a background in Deaf Education didn’t prepare me for what I would feel and experience as a hearing mother of Deaf children.

I remember feeling guilty as I went through the grief cycle.

I remember being overwhelmed with life that I didn’t make the changes I wanted to.

I still wonder what some people might think of the decisions we’ve made.

And I still work on connecting with my children every day.

You see… I have been where you are.

I have struggled and learned; laughed and cried; tried and failed, then tried again.

Finally, I am in a place where I am ready to support you! I am a parent of Deaf and hearing children. I am an educator of the Deaf. And I am a Certified Elite Mentor.

A mentor is someone who has can guide you through your challenges and help you see your way forward. Each mentoring appointment is action focused and empowering. You are bombarded with ideas and suggestions at the Doctor and specialists appointments. You get great tips on language and pre-literacy from your Early Intervention Specialist.

You put everything together into an action packed plan to make things happen in your life with ME.

With my help you will:

  • Discover where you are in your parent/child relationship and where you want to go.
  • Learn information, tools and techniques to eliminate the weaknesses and provide you with new strengths as a person and as a parent.
  • Find ways to complete the grief cycle and heal.
  • Set and accomplish goals that will improve yourself and your parenting.
  • Learn to connect with your child on a higher level.
  • Learn strategies and principles of success that will push you and your child to thrive and live the life of your dream


All sessions done in ASL or English as desired.

Not a parent of a Deaf child and still want help? No problem!

Free Session!

It’s time to become the parent you want to be!

I don’t want your changes to take as long as mine did!

Take action NOW! Register below for your FREE 30 min Discovery Session!

Three 45 min sessions where we

  • assess your parent/child relationship.
  • pinpoint area of improvement.
  • set a goal and a plan to achieve it.

We work on an improved parent/child relationship and belonging.

Five 45 min sessions where we

  • assess your parent/child relationship,
  • pinpoint area of improvement,
  • set goals and a plan to achieve them,
  • learn vital mindset tools to aid you on your way.

We work on an improved parent/child relationship, belonging and creating a positive environment.

Seven 60 min sessions where we tailored the program to fit your needs!

  • establish a daily routine,
  • set goals and a plan to achieve them
  • learn vital mindset tools to aid you
  • parenting styles,
  • home organization,
  • teaching values to your children.

Are you wanting improved parent/child relationships, belonging, creating a positive environment AND tools to push you and your child to thrive? Then this is the package for you!

Meet Lynell Smith

Lynell is the parent of 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls; one hearing and 3 Deaf. After receiving her Masters in Deaf Education at Utah State University, Lynell taught American Sign Language, developed educational tools for Deaf children and taught at the School for the Deaf for 5 years.

It was during the journey of parenting her children that her desire changed from teaching children to mentoring their parents. “Parents are the most powerful people in their child’s life. The students I see that have the greatest success are those whose parents are fully involved and present in their lives.”

Lynell is now a Certified Elite Mentor and is ready to assist you in improving your parent/child relationships, and creating a positive home environment. You will be empowered to thrive as a parent, moving forward to become who you were meant to be.