You are More than You Think You Are

You are More than You Think You Are

A picture tells a thousand words.

Nature certainly had a message for me with this one.
Can you see what this picture is?

Nature’s Art: You are more than you think you are.

It’s a tree, right? But, what kind of tree is that?

I call it “Nature’s Art” because that’s just what it is. Sand, water, and the pull of the tide worked together to make this beautiful picture. Yes, I found this amazing ‘tree’ on the beach one morning. Isn’t it amazing?

I had taken a break from the rigorous schedule of kids and work and life, just to stroll down the beach. All of the sudden, I had to cross rivulets of water that were still retreating from the lowering tide. That’s when I noticed, that these little rivulets were not just water going down to the ocean, but actually looked like trees! I looked out ahead of my feet and saw a whole forest of trees! It was amazing.

The Message:

What was even more amazing was the message that soon came to me from this tree of sand. At this time in my life I was going through some personal growth, some “growing pains,” as I like to call them. I was growing and searching. I was especially looking for some hope that morning, a message that I was on the right path to my future potential that I hoped would be so much more than I was at that moment.

Aren’t we all on this journey in life? Hoping, desiring, looking to become a little more prosperous, more successful, more joyous, more… well, more. I once thought this was bad, but I now understand it is part of Human Nature. To want to be more is ambitious and good. It doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate where we are at the time, but acknowledges we are still on the journey and looking ahead to what we can become in the future.

Take this sand tree. It’s sand. Sand, lovely soft grainy sand. I love the feel of the sand under my bare feet. I love to make castles and see the wet sand drip from my hands. I love to run on the wet sand and have it harden under my weight. Sand is cool. When heated it makes glass, it makes cool art, it’s FUN to play in! Sand is great.

But that day, sand became something more. That day, as the water trickled down to the ocean waves again, it shaped the sand in a way that the sand became a tree. The colors even settled in a way that depicted the protective bark of the wood. Do you see the message of the tree? I hope so because I think it’s SO important for all of us.

Here is the message I learned from the little sand trees:

You are amazing, and YOU CAN BE MORE!

You can become whatever it is that you are dreaming of becoming. Even though sometimes I feel like I’m only a clump of sand, I can become a beautiful tree! I can transform, I can become.

So, what is it inside your heart that you are dreaming of? Are you a clump of sand dreaming of becoming a tree? Are you allowing yourself to dream? And then allowing that dream to happen?

That’s the other message: sometimes we’re trying too hard. Sometimes we run around gathering buckets and shovels, trying to shape the sand into something more. If we would just accept who we are and work with the things we have been given, we would see that Nature might have a different plan that fits us just perfectly. The water is already there.

The perfect combination of sand, gravity and water made the perfect picture.





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