My Happy Heart

My Happy Heart

This Post takes a little different direction than past posts, as I share my Happy Heart with you! I am a little overwhelmed as I attempt to share with you something that is near and dear to my heart, yet difficult to explain.

Among natural healing is a modality called Energy Medicine, or Energy Work. About 7 months ago, my journey on the natural healing road led me to this modality in hopes of helping myself and my son, who I have mentioned in my past posts. I was using all of the knowledge that I had, yet I KNEW there was something more that could help him, and me, I just didn’t know what. As you look at past posts, you see I have received training in mental and emotional tools; and that I am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA International. The mental and emotional tools we were using were helping, and the oils were a necessary support, but we weren’t getting true healing. I have truly seen that essential oils prepare the heart and soul for healing, but something more is needed to do the actual work. We were looking for that missing piece that would help him truly heal.


I was led to investigate the Emotion Code, by Bradley Nelson. (You can download it FREE here) I was enthralled and immediately started using and applying this new tool. I had some great success and started feeling like I had the tool I needed to finally get my son back to where his Heart could be happy.

Along our journey, we ran into some hiccups. My son was not getting better. In fact, his emotions were like a whirlwind, continually spinning around and around without any resolution. We would have blow ups and use the emotion code to calm him, just to have him blow up or break down again. There was no stabilization. It became evident that some kind of trauma had occurred in his life at the age of 2 (as well as recent problems that were adding to it) and it would not be resolved.

RED_HEART_1573551aThat is when I was blessed to discover The Soul Code Method. This is a brand new modality in the list of current modalities available in the area of Energy Medicine. I have realized I have MUCH to learn and am excited to continue my journey. Cassandra Greer, who has been developing The Soul Code Method reached out to my son and was able to help him become stable again. The Soul Code helped him have a happy heart again. We are still working through some things, but the trauma, tears, state of anxiety and depression have left him. He is the energetic, happy boy he used to be! I am so grateful for this!

With my son’s success evident, I was invigorated and inspired. I have been working with Cassandra in learning The Soul Code Method and am on the path to Certification! I am in my ‘practicing’ stage and would LOVE to help YOUR heart be happy!

It may not happen in one session. I’ve been working on myself and a few other individuals for awhile now, and I still have a long way to go in some areas. However, I feel light-hearted, happy, and stable. I can see progress. That is the goal of The Soul Code: to enable YOU to be able to handle life as it throws some hard balls at you. It doesn’t take the problems away; it supports your soul and your heart in facing your problems and allows your Spirit and your Body to do more to heal yourself of emotions, trauma and maybe even some physical junk and illness. It brings you closer to your Higher Power so that you are able to live the life intended for you.

Sessions will be given in person (if possible), over the phone, Skype, or Video Phone. Because I am in practicing mode I am not charging any specific amount. Donations are appreciated as you are able and willing to give.

 Email me at [email protected] to book your session!

AND… if you have any interest in working with Cassandra Greer and learning HOW to do the Soul Code Method yourself, she is offering this knowledge and certification on a donation basis as well! Jump in NOW if this sounds like something you will want to learn because starting on July 24th, there will be a set cost for both sessions AND certification. If you start working with Cassandra NOW, you will keep your donation status for the long run! You can click here to book an appointment with Cassandra.

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