Our Sensory Table

Our Sensory Table

Our Sensory Table


“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” – Fred Rogers

In classic 3rd grade classrooms, you probably would not find a sensory table, but for our home school that we share with a toddler and a 4 year old, we have decided it is a necessity!

Sensory activities allow creative and open-ended play. They allow for problem solving, pretend play, investigation, exploration and experiments. It’s also great for a break between activities that require more focus, transition times, and times of stress and anger. For more information on sensory processing and aiding kids with anxiety and anger you can click here: Lemon Lime Adventures
A great resource for more activities (and where I found some of these below): FunAtHomeWithKids.com


Making Color Beans and Pasta
jar with a lid or seal-able container
food coloring (we used neon)
beans (pinto or white worked best)
Macaroni or other pasta
wax paper

1. Drop the food color into the jar with the pasta. 

(15 drops to 1 cup pasta/beans)


2. Make sure the lid is on tight and SHAKE!!


3. Pour out onto the wax paper and spread out to dry.








Add Educational Activities:


Sorting and Labeling: add objects related to your activity, or sort and label the different colors, beans and pasta, etc.
Language Arts: vocabulary and spelling practice, letter identification. Adjectives: make a list of words that describe what is in your sensory table.
Math: count the beans and noodles, group and compare, hide flash cards with math operations.
Science: create a habitat or world inside your sensory table. We’re going to use the materials below for a pond/swamp world. We will learn about the animal groups that live there.Another great sensory table activity: Kinetic Sand.

Also known as “indoor sand,” this is sand that holds together more than natural sand. It is very therapeutic. Adults love playing in it just as much as kids. We’ve already made sand castles and shapes and messes. Luckily, it’s a lot easier to clean up than real sand too!


Wait! We’re not finished! One more! These are water marbles.        

You can purchase them here.

They start out tiny!


Put them in a bin and pour water over them.


We had fun watching them grow!


Here they are at full size!


This is one of our FAVORITE sensory activities!***

                                            ***just make sure the little ones don’t eat them!



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