Who was the Father of Gallaudet University?

Who was the Father of Gallaudet University?

 Meet Edward Miner Gallaudet


·        Lived February 5, 1837 – September 26, 1917
·        Son of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Sophia Fowler Gallaudet
·        Edward Miner married Jane Melissa Fessenden and had 3 children.
·        The first Principal of the Columbia Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and Blind.
·        In 1864, Gallaudet worked for college status of the Columbia Institution and President Abraham Lincoln granted it: this first college of the deaf eventually became Gallaudet University.
·        He served as President, Administrator AND President of the Board of Directors AT THE SAME TIME!
o   President from 1896-1910 (46 years!)
o   Head administrator from 1857-1910 (53 years!)
o   President of the Board of Directors from 1864-1911 (47 years!)
·        He was a strong advocate of ASL and often fought against those who would restrict the use of ASL.
·        He actually attended the Milan Conference of 1881 and wrote a report on it. See the report here.
·        He was honored by 3 Universities who awarded him honorary degrees:  Trinity College in 1859 (M.A.) and 1869 (LL.D.), the Columbian University (later George Washington University) also in 1869 (Ph.D.), and Yale University in 1895 (LL.D.).




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